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September 21, 2020
The greatest threat to America is not the COVID-19 virus.

We don’t dismiss the scientific and legitimate medical concerns of COVID-19. However, the virus isn’t the most pressing threat to our country. The most imminent danger to our republic is the complete and utter overreach of government power, especially in many Liberal run cities, counties, and states. Our nation faces a fatal risk when the government takes actions that violate our fundamental freedoms. Blue state Governors and Mayors are leading us down the road of tyranny eroding our constitutional rights.

In the last few months, we have seen officials in numerous states abusing their authority to severely restrict freedoms, as they don’t want to let “a good crisis go to waste.” Nowhere has this been more apparent than discriminatory policies directed against America’s houses of worship in the last few months.

People of faith nationwide have largely shown love for their neighbors, complied with health guidelines, gone the extra mile to adapt religious services, and continued serving communities as our faith teaches. Even still, outrageous violations of religious freedoms are constantly launched against us. What does this say about the state of our nation? How long can the Church and Christian based organizations tolerate these abuses of power?

One thing is increasingly clear. The attacks on our First Amendment rights during the health crisis are a warning sign that America is facing a constitutional crisis due to activist judges and those in positions of elected authority who are not only willing but anxious, to violate and usurp the law of the land.

The Religious Liberty Coalition (RLC) is on the front lines of this crucial fight, keeping an eye on every government order—from the local level to Capitol Hill. We are working daily with churches, pastors, ministries, non-profits, and those on the front lines in the faith community.

As we have watched many of the news stories in recent months regarding churches and pastors who are getting fined, harassed, and sometimes even arrested… it makes us understand the deep need for the RLC in a time such as this. Religious freedom—including the inalienable right to exercise one’s beliefs by attending church—has become “ground zero” in the battle for our republic. We must respond to these actions and stand up now.

There’s a reason why our Founders fought to ensure that religious freedom held a special (and first) place in the Constitution. They understood that people of faith and churches are essential to the fabric of our society, and therefore it is necessary to restrain government power. The Declaration of Independence declares our rights are from God, and the Constitution guarantees those rights so religious communities could freely live out their faith and contribute to the flourishing of our country.

Here’s the bottom line: If “We the People” forget, willfully ignore or downgrade religious liberty from being first on the list of freedoms listed in the Constitution, we could lose these freedoms forever. Throughout the pandemic, there’s been no shortage of government leaders abusing their power and trampling on the Constitution by singling out and discriminating against people of faith and churches. The current Governor of New Jersey recently commented that he never even considered the Constitutional rights of citizens when he issued his executive orders infringing on citizens freedoms and the freedom of the church

The Constitution is designed to protect religious institutions, so that no governor, state, or local official arbitrarily singles out religious activities for restrictions that do not apply to other areas of American society. But as we see from the examples above (as well as many more not mentioned here), some in positions of authority don’t grasp the Constitution’s protection of religious freedom.

The RLC is on the front lines of the battle.

Right now, we are fighting for and reclaiming the First Amendment freedoms of religious communities nationwide. Protecting religious liberty is essential in this critical time, and it’s the first step in making sure we preserve America’s precious and unique constitutional system.

No Church or faith organization can do this alone. We need an alliance of partners around the nation that will be willing to stand together in prayer, and together in strength to resist the attack on Christians. We need to stand together and offer financial support when necessary to take on the “Goliaths” of our day. Will you stand with us to ensure that our rights to religious freedom are not compromised? Will you stand with many pastors, churches, and ministries all around this nation that need your help right now?

Please contact Todd Coconato at 615.357.7643 to discuss joining the RLC today.

Or if you want to support the RLC in defending the First Amendment and faith leaders/churches/organizations please follow this link.

Thank you and may God bless this great nation and return us to the Judeo-Christian morals and principles that we were founded upon.

Pastor Todd Coconato is the Director of the Religious Liberty Coaloition. You can find Pastor Todd's website here



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