The Great Reprieve: Will America Choose Darkness or Light in 2020? Pastor Todd Coconato’s brand new book!

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America is at a pivotal crossroads. There are many things going on from the president contracting COVID-19, to him healing from it very swiftly, to the Supreme Court having an open seat…and so much more! The two-party platforms couldn’t offer a more drastic difference as to the course this country will take over the next few years and beyond. Everything is at stake. In this election, it is up to America’s Christians on whether or not they will vote for the values and principles of God’s Word, or they will ignore them and capitulate to the agenda and cancel-culture narrative of the modern Left.

With China closing in on 72 countries with its “One Belt One Road” economic dominance strategy, will the United States continue to hold the global reserve currency and global military dominance? Will the globalist agenda be picked up where former President Obama left off? What does a Biden/Harris administration mean for religious liberties and freedoms? How far are the socialists willing to go to take away our first and second amendment rights?

American Flag with Cross Photograph by Scott McGuire

In this book, Pastor Todd Coconato explores all of these questions in-depth, as well as many more. It is critical that Christians understand all that is at stake. This book is what you will need to make an informed decision as you head to the polls this November and beyond. Now is the time to stand! Will we see revival or revolution? Pastor Todd explains this and much more in this riveting book “The Great Reprieve: Will America Choose Light or Darkness?”

All book proceeds will go directly to the ministry and funding the operation! Thank you for your support! -Pastor Todd Coconato

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