Attention Christian leaders and pastors

Get The Legal Protection You Need To Do What God Has Called You To Do

Here’s The Challenge

The liberal-left is targeting Christian leaders and pastors trying to strip their organizations of religious liberties and freedoms. They are trying to put invisible handcuffs to limit what you’re called to do.

Join A Like-Minded Community And Enjoy Legal Protection

Here are some of the benefits that you get with your membership:

Have A Legal Team Behind You

You’ll get a highly experienced legal defense team that will fight for you when you need legal representation

Join A Community of Believers

You’ll join a family of like-minded people who will support and pray for you.

Avoid High Legal Fees

You’ll never get stuck paying the high costs of legal representation. The costs of your case are covered in your annual membership.

Have a High Rate of Success

Our team has decades of experience successfully winning cases against the liberal left.

It's Like Insurance

Just like you wouldn’t drive without insurance, don’t let your church or organization go without getting insurance in case you get sued.

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Enjoy Legal Protection

Enjoy legal protection and being in a family of like-minded believers

Have A Winning Team On Your Side


We’ve been protecting Christian leaders and pastors from the liberal left and the socialist agenda for decades. Our legal team has more than 100 years of combined experience winning cases for our members.


People Say About Us

"It's hard leading a church knowing there's a target on your back. Being a part of the coalition gives me the peace of mind knowing that I have friends that will help me if I ever get in trouble.


"I love the RLC community! To be with like-minded believers who are moving towards a common goal is very encouraging and helps us stay the course.